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Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor - Dog Boarding & Day Care"Your Poochies Home Away From Home"


Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor is a small “Bed & Biscuit” boarding and day care parlor located in Selden, New York (Suffolk County). We offer an alternative to traditional kennels where the dogs are simply warehoused in cages and periodically tended to. Your caregivers are true dog lovers and, unless necessary, they are not kept in cages and the dogs have the run of the premises.  At night, all dogs are asleep indoors and are monitored.

Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor is run out of a private home with a 1/4 acre dog run. Catering to a discriminating clientele that wants quality companionship and care for their dogs when they can’t be there, we offer many services to keep your poochie pampered and in the lap of luxury (or our laps, as the case may be).

In addition to caring human companionship, our own friendly pck members offer canine companionship and play partners for all our visitors. The dogs get to run and play outside, as well as go on group walks daily (weather permitting).  Additionally, there is a swimming pool that can be enjoyed by those dogs that like the water!

The working concept of Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor concept was born from the need of one of the founders, Suely Vera, of someplace where she would be comfortable leaving her dogs when she was out of the country. She went to many dog kennels and dog boarding shops, but none of them offered the care for her dogs that she wanted. Not finding anyplace suitable to leave her dogs while she was away, she resorted to leaving her spouse behind on these trips or bringing a family member in to stay with her dogs while she was away. The reason she was so demanding about the care of her dogs was because she was raised around dogs, and her brother was both a dog breeder and a veterinarian. She wanted her dogs cared for with the same love and attention that she would give them, and no commercial dog kennel or dog boading could offer that.

Because this need existed, not only for her, was the reason she founded Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor along with her partner, Prince Marshall, who had experience in business as well as having been a dog owner himself and also having spent a great deal of time in several multiple dog living situations. Together they created a business model that made their home the "home away from from home" for anyone needing to board their dog someplace where the level of care, comfort, socialization and engagement was the same, if not more, as being there with their dog themselves.

In business since 2012, Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor provides exceptional dog boarding and dog day care services that provide peace of mind for you and lots of fun for your dog. Give your dog the same vacation you are giving yourself when you go, or leave them here when you just want to give yourself (or your dog) a break from the ordinary. Explore the website and the Facebook page to find out more about us, or just give us a call at (631) 860-3093 and find out how different we are from every other dog boarding place or dog kennel you have ever been to. If you are looking for nurturing, pampered, safe and humane caretaking for your poochie, this is definitely the place you want them to be.


Dog Boarding

We will take your poochie in and give them the love, affection and care that you would like to give them but can’t because of your schedule or circumstances that arise that are not poochie friendly, We will welcome your poochie into our pack with loving arms and do our best to make then feel wanted, loved and comfortable.

Day Care

Work long hours and are unable to give your poochie the attention and care that it deserves and that you would like to give? Then our day care is what you need. In addition to having the companionship and camaraderie of both humans and other poochies, they will get to enjoy walks, swimming and the ability to run free in our 1/4 acre fenced in space allowing them the freedom to run free as nature intended.

Poochie Cab

Whether it is a pick-up or drop-off for day care or boarding, we can provide door-to-door service for your poochie eliminating the need for you to have to deal with the hassle of transporting your pet.

Additionally, if your poochie has grooming or vet appointments, we can take away the hassle of altering your schedule to fit these in and can drop them off for you, pick them up for you, and even provide a chaperone that will stay with your pet throughout the whole process.


xuxu in pool-150x133Spring and Summer Day Care Camp

Like children, our poochies need activity and structure in their lives. We provide them with both canine and human companionship throughout the day, as well as go for walks, play with them and even give them the option of going for a swim.

They will get home with a happy heart and a tired body, relieving you of the need to occupy them until they are ready to turn in, when all you want to do is unwind.

Basic Training

For those poochies that are newly acquired or that need a refresher in the basics, such as sit, lay down, stay, come and leave it, we can help you with that by giving your poochie some one-on-one time to gain or re-establish the rudimentary fundamentals of communication necessary to control and communicate with your poochie.

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