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Want to find out more about the site itself, goals, mission, enhancements and developments? This is the place to check in and see what's new. Can't always guarantee a ton of excitement here and day-to-day business doesn't get mentioned, but if it is major or important, you'll find out about it here first.


past future signsAt one point I decided to retask my personal site PrinceHMarshallJr.com to my business, Prince H. Marshall, Jr., Inc. To achieve this I split the site into business and personal sides with no overlap. I realized that my name was a lot of typing and a lot to remember, not what you ideally want in a web address for a business, and the access URL to my personal site had become convoluted. As a solution I acquired this domain and made it a portal to both. That was back in October of 2014.

The working rationale being that anyone looking at printed or digital info would have the address in front of them and go seamlessly into the business site, while friends, acquaintances and word of mouth traffic would get the PHMJR.com URL and have a choice. The hope was th at the business-centric traffic, after initial exposure, would just cut out the middleman site and go directly to PrinceHMarshallJr.com.

Over time, as directions shifted, issues and new projects came up, it became necessary to re-evaluate needs and formulates new strategies. The result is that I burned everything down to the ground and, now that the smoldering is all done, began rebuilding fresh from scratch atop the ashes. So here I am, two years later in late October and November of 2016, building upon the the lessons I have learned and making additional improvements to reflect the changes in technology and the landscape since I last embarked on this effort.

So in this incarnation it is a new project that is going to tie my professional life into my personal life using the integration of my websites and social media.

My hope is to be able to present varied content and resources and provide networking opportunities for people that I know to have a chance to interact with other professionals and business owners I know.

Since my life has evolved into almost everything being some sort of work - for myself, others, my business or my partnership, It only seems fitting that I give up the illusion of having a personal life and accept my role as the guy attempting to do everything at once.

What you see here will be the result of that acceptance and the work products of that paradigm shift.



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